928 Motorsports at the Autobahn

2012 Autobahn

The NASA GTS Series at the Autobahn was another in our suspension-setup program this summer. We had the new PRO shocks and suspension in the car, and at every event we'd try different spring and swaybar rates to get closer to what we wanted. Note the pics of Myles under the car changing out the rear springs. It was hot as all get out - made the tires real greasy. I had a new "Cool Shirt" pumping ice water through my fire suit or I probably wouldn't have made it. By the end of the weekend I think I had lost 6 pounds in pure sweat alone!

2006 Autobahn

What a wonderful event - I have a lot of people to thank but most of all the participants.... we had 15 novice drivers at the Performance Driving School, and they listened, took instruction VERY well, had a blast, and drove the dickens out of their 928's!

Every car left without incident and without damage - what could be better then that!

Thanks go out to the Instructors: Mark Anderson, Randy Faunce, Phil Kalameros, Joe Stiffel, and myself. These guys were GREAT - and the lucky attendees got tons of time with whomever they wanted.

We had SO MUCH TRACK TIME in fact, that several of us ran a whole tank of gas thru the car, went and added more, and went right back out. Seat-time, seat time, seat time.

Instructors could and did ride with the students to offer tips en route, and sometimes the instructors drove the students car with student sitting in passenger seat to show the student what their car could do, and sometimes student s wanted a ride in one of 3 track cars there to see what THAT was like.

AT THE MONDAY CAR SHOW: we had a nice mix of early and late models, 16v and 32v cars.
BEST IN SHOW went to David Olthoff and his beautiful 91 GT, which also won BEST 32V STOCK 928 class.
BEST 32V MODIFIED went to Dana Johnston and his 1985 928S
BEST 16V STOCK went to JP Rodkey and his clean 1979 Euro
and LONGEST DISTANCE TRAVELED award went to Dana Johnston from Somerset, MASS.
There was no entry for 16v Modified.