928 Motorsports - Model: 928 SC Kurzer Strecke

Expressly designed for shorter tracks, sprint races and hill climbs


Nickname: "The Meg"

The Pikes Peak International "Race to the Clouds" Hill Climb. 12 miles, 156 turns, 2000 foot drop-offs, no guardrails. need we say more? 2007 will see the first time EVER that a Porsche® 928 will compete in the International Hill Climb. We are running in the "Open" Division, where such racing legends as Al and Bobby Unser, Wally Dallenback, Mario Andretti, and others have placed their stamp. It will be quite a learning curve for us, and we are just happy to be allowed to compete at this invitation-only event.

Pikes Peak 2007 Build Slideshow