Putnam Park Events


This was our first time at Putnam Park, about 45 minutes from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in central Indiana.

It also was just our second time out with the new PRO shocks and competition suspension, and the first time we could really stress the kit at full speed.

The car ran great, although we discovered that maybe it was 5 to 10 degrees hotter than it could be, so we made notes to open up the fiberglass in the front a little to get more cold air into the radiator.

We continued adjusting the suspension as need be, and our lap times kept going down. In the end, we won 1st place in our Class (GTS Unlimited) on Saturday.

On Sunday, the transaxle gave us a problem in the Qualifying race when we lost third gear and we couldn't get the car out for the feature race Sunday afternoon.

Still, we won the race we ran, and the suspension performed as-designed and shows great promise. That's a successful weekend!