Adrian Clark


2008 was the first proper season for Adrian Clark and the 928GTS racer, however the history of the car was that it originally started life in 1990 as a 928GT and was later converted to a GTS racer by Eurotech in 1995 and campaigned in the 1996/97 seasons in the British GT championship and Porsche Cup.   Subsequently the car was sold to a new owner where it continued to race in the Porsche Cup with victories at Castle Coombe and Spa up until 1999.  After that the car changed hands again with occasional outings in the Intermarque championship (against cars of the same period from Aston Martin, Ferrari and Porsche), but between 2003-7 the car was largely out of the competitive races until Adrian purchased the car and refreshed it for current competition.

Vehicle Specs

5.4 liters blueprinted engine with uprated camshafts, equal length exhaust headers, modified oiling/Accusump, SharkTuned ecu's.  Dry weight approx 1260kg excluding driver, max power approx 390BHP, and limited to 7000rpm.

Many modifications added thanks to 928 Motorsports including lower engine cross brace, solid engine mounts, uprated anti-roll bar and bushes, and modified alloy gear linkage.


Adrian has not raced before other than a brief spell in karting, is the technical advisor for Porsche Club GB on 928's and his 928 collection also includes some rare specials (928SE) and a 500BHP supercharged 928GT. Adrian is also the owner of the yahoo groups specialist web list 928racing.

2008 Series Entered

For 2008 the car is competing in both the Porsche Open in the UK and occasionally in the Intermarque in class 3 (road tyres from Michelin only), the car has already achieved podiums at Brands Hatch and Silverstone and was 4th in class in its first outing in the Intermarque.