Kevin Andrews

Kevin Andrews and his brother Dwayne run their Guards Red 1987 928 in the Gumball Rally - a 6-day, 3,000 mile road rally across Europe, Russia, former Soviet States, and the US. The event has run for seven years twice in the US and the rest in Europe, the Andrews brothers just finished their first event in May 2005, with some 115 other cars (it was Kevin's 40th birthday present and with an entrance fee of $22,000 US - so why not?). Originally posting a 911 C4 Cabriolet - Dwayne and Kevin were told by race organizers that their 911 would not be allowed to race - their were already too many 911's on the race roster. Both the brothers had previously owned 928's and loved them - so they quickly changed to enter a 928 instead and the race organizers loved it. It was the only 928 in the rally, which ended successfully for most. The maximum speed hit by anyone was 321 Km/h, and Kevin and Dwayne "cruised" for a bit at 175 mph while dicing it up with two rally prepped Subaru's in Croatia with 500 hp engines (they never got past).

We are happy to be sponsoring their noble (if not a little crazy) event. And, in 2006 - they are going to run it again, this time with a 928 Motorsports SC kit on their car!