Car Shows

2012 World Of Wheels 50th Anniversary Car Show

Milwaukee, WI February 2012

Mille 2011 National Porsche Convention, Atlanta Motor Speedway

To coincide with the 60th Anniversary of Porsche in the USA, and the 51st Anniversary of the Porsche Club of America, put together a national Porsche convention at the famous Atlanta Motor speedway. Top Porsche historic and current race cars were featured, including the World's fastest 928, just days after setting the new record at Bonneville!

2007 PCA Club Race and 928 Convention at Road America

What a fantastic event we had - perfect weather for all 3 days, a clear race track, and lots of Porsche's everywhere you look.

The GLOC (Great Lakes Owners Club) was there in full force, plus the SoCal representatives of Mark Anderson and Joseph Fan with fresh engines in their 928 GTSRs. They displayed dogged perseverance throughout the weekend to get their cars ready to race, and in the end, cannibalized parts from one to fit to the other just in time for the final club race.

Because Joseph had not run the qualifier, he had to start at the back of the pack, and we had the fun of watching him work his way though the entire field to a 2nd place finish. What a blast! I can tell you his smile went from ear to ear - he knew he had done well but did not know HOW well until Mark told him! We were all so happy for him especially given the number of new-engine-installation issues Mark and Joe plowed through to get the car ready.

Connie McNabb ran our tent and Vendor area like a Pro, leaving me to visit with customers, drive and goof off. I ran Four 30-minute DE events on Saturday and 3 on Sunday before my shifter ball cup failed on Sunday afternoon. I'm going to look into replacing that troublesome design with a Heim joint instead and offering it as a product. The GWS was a hard-charger all weekend in spite of the 94 degree peak temps that were bothering some other cars. I ran seven 30 minute races without a supercharger problem or a drop of oil in the catch tank at week's end. Cant do better than that!

Sunday at about 6 we hooked up the laptop projector to a generator and put on a Pike's Peak slideshow in our Vendor tent.

Each evening was filled with fine foods from the many local restaurants in the resort area, and fine friends to share them with. The best, however, was Saturday nights PCA gathering at Siebkins resort with their amazing prime rib buffet. I especially enjoyed tipping a glass in the famous Siebkins Bar surrounded by the memories of Foyt, Penske, Andretti, Unser, Donahue - and so many others in that historic Trans Am watering hole.

2005 Sharktoberfest

928 Motorsports was a sponsoring member of this year's Sharktoberfest held in Irvine, CA at the home office of 928 International. More than 130 Porsche® 928 gathered at one time to become one of the largest single gatherings of the 928 in history. There were demonstrations, vendors, food and drink (thanks to 928 International), and a lot of rubber-necking. Beautiful 928s as far as you could see. Carl Fausett from 928 Motorsports was a seated panel member during the "Ask an Expert" Tech Session, and all those enjoyed the 928 race videos, supercharger kits, and performance parts on display at the 928M booth.

928 Motorsports Open House

2004 Sharktoberfest

2003 Great Lakes Owners Club