Gingerman Events

June, 2012

This last weekend we were in South Haven Michigan for the NASA German Touring Sedan races.

There were three GTS races this weekend, one on Saturday and two on Sunday.

There was a a nice blend of Porsche's, Audi's, and BMW's in my Division, and they had some big American Iron running on track at the same time too just to spice things up.

There was a pair of really fast race-prepped Dodge Vipers on hand and I never missed a chance to run with those guys as long as I could. They new the lines at this track and helped me get up to speed quickly.

I had a problem with the tires going "off" after the 5th lap, and it made the 928 a handful in corner entry and mid-corner. Still, I was fast enough to set a new track record on Saturday and take first place in the Unlimited class.

We softened the rear sway bar settings throughout the weekend, and it got better. When Sunday came around, we had the suspension tuned to a better balance, and I won that race as well, and set another new track record, breaking the one I set on Saturday by .8 secs.

The weather was perfect all weekend, but it slowly climbed into the mid-90's by Sunday. The in-car temps got very high on the longer races, so much so that the floorboard under the accelerator melted the sole of my shoe and burned my heel a little bit. I was holding my right foot in the air because it hurt to set it down! We'll be insulating that floor board now...