Bugge Heinrich, Germany

Berge writes: This is my very fast and successful "baby". Build up in 1999 by FIA/GT-rules. Basing on a 1993 GTS. It has a 993GT2 undercarriage , titan wheel rims and GT2 three component special version of magnesium BBS wheels with central nut. The engine is tuned up to about 450 hp placed more in the back of the frame so there's enough place for the especial modified cooling-system. Weight 1080 kg! Furthermore there are: Special cage, special power steering (Renault Twingo-less weight!), accusump-system, stack electronic, special built wheel suspension, 6 shift gearbox from 968 RSR-Cup with straight cut teeth and differential locking, ABS5-raceversion, 120 Ltr. FT3 tank, hydraulic-lifting-system, Macrolan screens all-over. and, and, and ...

Drivers are me, my son and a friend of us. From 1999 til 2001 we raced the GTP (Porsche® Cup).

2001 til 2004 car rebuilding - new standard.

Next step - 3 and 6 long distance racing at Nurburgring ("the green hell"), Germany and Spa/Franco Champs, Belgium. Zanvoort, Netherlands.

Cheers, Berge Heinrich, Germany