Ian Raper, Australia

Down in Victoria, Australia , you may be just lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Ian Raper's 600 HP 928 Ralleye as it powers by. Don't blink!

Ian says: "The idea of building a Tarmac Rally car based a Porsche® 928 started when I realised that this was a classic car in the making, a German muscle car!"

Tarmac Rally events are run in Australia on closed public roads, under FIA rules (very similar to WRC, but exclusively on tarmac). These events run for 3-5 days, and are very hard on the cars and crews. Mistakes are costly, as there is no armco, no run-off areas; trees, rocks and cliff faces await off-tarmac excursions.

There are very strict class rules which allow certain modifications to be made, but we to have external bodywork remain "standard".

So, my 928 is based on a 1980 S, Euro spec, but other than the basic shell and external panels, not much is left! It is not as fast as a current-spec 4wd rally car in the wet...but we give them a real run for their money on dry, open stages, and the crowds just love the sight, smell and sound of a big V8 going sideways...way more entertaining than watching very fast, but clinical 4 cylinder rally cars.

The car was reduced to a bare shell, had an extensive chrome-molly cage fabricated, a fire suppression system installed, custom wiring and some internal panels reinstalled. This has proved to be an extremely strong and stiff chassis, absolutely incredible for what is a 1972 design..

The engine is based on the standard block, and 16 valve heads, but these have been extensively modified, with capacity now just under 6 litres, with dry-sump and 120 litre fuel cell, four DCOE webers and custom ceramic coated headers and exhaust. This package was developed to produce good horsepower and torque, as we cannot use later injection, nor engine management systems within our rules ...Recent dyno shows 450Hp at rear wheels.

Clutch is a dual plate competition setup, gearbox is from a 91 GT, with custom diff centre.

Brakes are custom made with floating rotors and calipers, and balance bar (setup is from Australian V8 Supercars, which are similar to NASCAR)

Suspension is Koni coil-over, two-way adjustable with standard rear arms, and hybrid front, with early-spec lower arms and hubs, and late model top arms to increase negative camber. GT transaxle, with locking diff centre.

The front suspension uses the original bottom arms, and late model (S4) top arms, to create some 4.5 degrees negative camber, with 1000lb springs and Koni coil-overs, (two-way adjustable).

Wheels are custom-made by Simmons, 3-piece at maximum size for class of 17" diameter by 9" wide.

The tyres we are using are Michelin Cups, on 17" by 9" rims (largest allowed in class), and these produce lots of grip when warm...

Dry weight is now 2800 pounds.

"We have competed in many tarmac rallies and hillclimb events, including Targa Tasmania, Classic Adelaide, Targa West, as well as a occasional circuit racing over the past three years, winning our (hotly contested "muscle car" or Classics class ) several times, and having an absolute blast in one of the best sounding cars of all time!"