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2020 World Record Run in the 'Meg' 2020 World Record Run in the 'Meg' On October 5th, 2020, our 1978 Porsche 928 achieved 234.434 MPH at the Transportation Research Facility (TRC) in East Liberty Ohio. This is a top speed record for the 928. The car, nick-named “The Meg” after the Megalodon, had 1114 HP at the crank and a 6-speed gearbox with two overdrives. The record-setting test was performed on a 7.5 mile oval at the TRC facility, on a section of straight that was approximately 2 miles long. The timing equipment was set up and operated by the TRC staff, and consisted of two independent systems; a light-beam triggered speed trap wired to a Tag/Heuer chronograph at trackside, and a V-Box data collection system mounted within the vehicle itself. Both timing systems reported results identical up to the hundredth of a MPH. While not the fastest Porsche in the world, this did place Fausett’s “Meg” in rare air as one of the fastest Porsche’s on the planet. Enjoy the video. 141 Mb
2008 Pikes Peak Practice in the Ws 2008 Pikes Peak Practice in the Ws This video is from July 2008, and we are practicing the middle section of Pikes Peak called "The W's". This was made by mounting a small camera out the passenger window - and does a nice job of showing the rock walls on one side and drop-offs on the other. Typical Pikes Peak. 39 Mb
1,100 HP Dyno Video 1,100 HP Dyno Video 1,100 HP Dyno Video: This video shows our race car, "The Meg" all strapped down, and producing more than 1,100 HP on a chassis dyno. It’s a beast. Watch the flat-screen monitor next to the car and you can actually see the pressure pulses caused by the exhaust deflecting the screen. Be sure you have your speakers turned up! 65 Mb
Click to Download! View on YouTube GTS race at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, October 2015. Shows three laps from the green flag to the crash, running 14th out of 59 cars at the time. Also an excellent video for our new beehive valve springs and 6-speed transmission. Each gear is indicated in the video. Turn your speakers up, this one has great audio too! 113 Mb
Click to Download! View on YouTube GTS Race at Road America, August 2nd 2015. I didn't like the shifter on my 6-speed on Saturday and swapped in a different one for Sunday. Didn't like this one much better (you will see why) At times I loved it, at times I wanted to throw it our of the car! I learned that shifting it slowly and carefully was a mistake, and it was more accurate when I was more assertive. See for yourself... 197 Mb
Click to Download! View on YouTube NASA GTS race at Gingerman Raceway, June 2015. They had recently repaved the whole track and many lap records were falling on the new, smoother surface. Including the one I set in 2012, which I broke this weekend also! I like Gingerman - excellent run-off areas, lots of neat topography and off-camber corners. 75.4 Mb
Click to Download!View on YouTube Here is a fresh 928 race engine going through its paces on an engine dyno. The piston rings are bedded in, the motor is proofed (no leaks) and tested to certify it's output. We offer this as an optional service for all our engine builds. 13.7 Mb
Click to Download!how challenging it can be to record a good pull at the dyno This video shows how challenging it can be to record a good pull at the dyno sometimes. The race car is hard to strap down without the straps hitting the exhaust and melting or hitting the rollers and getting cut through. If we didn't have so much HP, it'd be a lot easier! We finally stopped the tire spin by taking off the doors and strapping from the roll cage straight down to the dyno. 75.8 Mb
Click to Download!GTS Race Porsche 928 at Road America, Oct 2012 NASA GTS race at Road America, Oct 2012. With temps in the high 40's, a lot of racers packed it up and went home. Maybe we should have too; we were breaking stuff that hadn't broken all year - belts, rear shift couplings, and finally the transmission. Mark Anderson drove the first 4 sessions/races and Carl Fausett drove the last race. The transaxle broke on Carl in Canada Corner on lap #7. Tough luck! But we did finish setting up our suspension just the way we wanted it so we are all ready to go for Spring! 72 Mb
Click to Download!NASA GTS Series, at Gingerman Raceway NASA GTS Series, at Gingerman Raceway. We ran 3 races this weekend, and set 2 new track records for GTS Unlimited! We are still dialing in the new suspension, and getting faster each time we go out. This video has footage of two of the race starters and some interesting voice-overs about the vehicles handling from the driver. 84.3 Mb
Click to Download!Putnam Park, Indiana Our first race in the NASA GTS series, Unlimited division. The location is Putnam Park, Indiana. This video features our PRO Suspension and GT1 Ultimate Brake kits, doing a great job weaving through classes of Porches and BMW's. 79.4 Mb
wind tunnel testing of the 928 in Bonneville Land speed trimPutnam Park, Indiana This video shows part of our wind tunnel testing of the 928 in Bonneville Land speed trim. We start with the smoke wand at the front of the car, and test every section and component all the way to the back including the rear diffuser. 94.7 Mb
Click to Download!spin at 213 MPH The day after our Porsche® Record run at Bonneville, a storm front came in. Between storms, Carl tried to push the Porsche® 928 land speed record up even farther and had a spin at 213 MPH. Here's the story. 25.7 Mb
Click to Download!record-breaking land speed run This video shows our record-breaking land speed run in the Porsche® 928. It combines in-car video, starting line, and a drive-by video that was being shot at the 3-mile mark. You can hear Carl testing the limits of available traction 3 times.... as he pushes into the throttle until the tires break, then modulates and pushes in again. There is no lifting out of the throttle at these speeds unless you want to go 'round! Final speed attained for the world 928 record was 216.63537 MPH. 31Mb
Click to Download!6.54L motor we built for Bonneville Tuned the 6.54L motor we built for Bonneville down from 900 CHP to 760 CHP and took it to Road America to break it in and debug it. Ran great, we had only minor teething issues. Got wheel spin at 130 MPH in 4th gear on the main straight! It was amazing. See for yourself in this video... 38 Mb
Click to Download!900 HP Porsche 928 This short 5 Mb video provides some idea what our 900 HP Porsche 928 sounds like inside the car during dyno test and tuning.
Click to Download!Peak 928 Video This is the "Peak 928" Video - full and uncut. 180Mb The complete 2009 Pikes Peak Hill Climb with voice-over's from Guido Hamacher so you can hear what Carl heard in real-time as the race rally notes were read to him by his co-driver. Excellent audio, and multiple camera angles. The perfect companion to our "Peak 928" book! 180 Mb!
2009 Pikes Peak Video2009 Pikes Peak Video 2009 Pikes Peak Video. A compilation of in-car, out-of-car, and spectator videos all edited into one seamless 5-minute video of the 2009 Pikes Peak race in our supercharged Porsche 928. Excellent editing between 4 camera angles and terrific footage. In this hill climb we finished 3rd in the Open Division and was the fastest 2WD car. 50 Mb
Click to Download!928 Motorsports vs the Corvette ZO6 This video shows the supercharged Porsche 928 by 928 Motorsports vs. the Corvette ZO6 in action at Road America. One ZO6 was particularly fast (race-prepared and on slicks) and we ran several laps together before I could put him in my back pocket. Ignore the G-Force scales on the screen - the G-Force meter was not calibrated correctly, but the video is still good! 35 Mb
Click to Download!PCA Drivers Instructors Training school We went to Blackhawk Farms Raceway to setup our intermediate tires and suspension for Pikes Peak . Waiting for us there was the National PCA Drivers Instructors Training school. Our setup was right on the money and we did very well in a mixed field of Porsches, Corvettes, and Sports Racers. The owner of the 2003 Carrera RS came up to us afterwards and wanted to know "How'd you do that?" Turn your speakers up - we installed a new, larger blow-off valve for the supercharger and you can hear it between shifts. Two versions: 32 Mb and 19 Mb
Click to Download! This is the first 3 miles of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, Carl Fausett driving, Guido Hamacher navigating. This in-car video is from our 3rd place-winning run. On the bottom and left of the screen are the GForce bar graphs. You can see us hit up to 1 G in lateral force on several turns. Enjoy the Audio - a Porsche® 928 can really bark! 16 Mb
Click to Download! Pikes Peak from outside the car Pikes Peak from outside the car. This video has a fantastic sound track - turn your speakers up! It combines two clips from two spectators, one at the bottom, and one at the top. It begins at the starting line where you can see Pikes Peak in the distance, and then looking down from the same mountain as you see and hear the supercharged 928 claw its way to the top. Great footage! You can really hear that our supercharged Porsche® 928 was having no trouble pulling hard at 13,500 feet. 10 Mb
Click to Download! Willow Tribute Race - Mark Anderson makes his way through a fully-loaded PCA starting grid on the long Willow Springs circuit. See how fast he gains up on the red Ferrari! This video is in-car and has good audio. Filmed in 2003. (31.2 MB)
Click to Download! Mark Anderson brought out his 928 race car in 2004 in the "GT3RS" livery, sporting a new carbon-fiber intake making 485 RWHP. Watch him go!
Click to Download! Here is Mark Anderson in the White Zombie again at Road America behind a fellow 928. The two of them are ripping up Elkhart lake for about one full lap. (24 MB)
Click to Download! This is the PCA "Road America Challenge" club race on Labor Day, 2003, at Road America. We had a wonderful turnout of 928's competing in the DE events, qualifying race, and feature race. This video has clips from Canada Corner and Corner 5 - You'll see Mark Anderson, David Lloyd, Jean-Louis Picouet, and Joseph Fan. John Veninger and Carl Fausett were also competing, but not in this event. (22 MB)
Click to Download! This is an in-car race video from Mark Kibort's 928 at the October PCA Nationals at Laguna Seca. This is about the last 2 laps, and is an excellent all-out racing clip.
Click to Download! In this Video, Mark Kibort and the rest of the SPEED GT series drivers are going though a restart. Mark battles, and passes, a Tech-prepped BMW M3 in his 928.
Click to Download! This video is neat, it is a clip from the SPEED channel TV coverage of the race at Sears Point. Look and listen, you can see both Mark Anderson and Mark Kibort in the first 10 cars and the race commentators are talking about them too!
Click to Download! Another in-car video from Mark Kibort, this one from Sears Point in October 2003 during a Porsche® Club Race.
Click to Download! In this SCCA Nationals race at Laguna Seca, Mark Kibort races to the win in this, the last two laps of the event. Awesome!
Click to Download! Calgary AB 2003 Canadian GT Championship - One lap from Dean Krenz's rollbar-mount camera. Rough track eh? Quite the carnage - cars broke all over the place - just look around. Gotta like that front dragstrip straightaway into the 4th gear left-hander - a great spot for the Porsche® big reds! !
Click to Download! This video has outtakes from the Chicago PCA Labor Day Club Race at Road America. See if you can name all the different corners we photographed from as Mark Anderson, Joseph Fan, Jean-Louis Picouet and Mark Kilbort sped by.
Click to Download! Here is an excellent video from Jean-Louis Picouet at Brainerd, MN for a PCA Club Race. Lots of traffic, lots of passing, and good audio! Fun to see the 928 in the hands of a real driving talent like JLP take it to all those other cars like this...
Click to Download! supercharged Porsche® 928 This is a 19.9 MB video of our supercharged Porsche® 928 taking a hot lap at Blackhawk Farms Raceway in 2002, filmed from the in-car camcorder.
In this video, we gained on the Camaro in front of us so quickly he drove straight off the course to get out of our way! Don't know why he did that, but it sure is fun, and makes this video one of our permanent favorites.
Click to Download! This is an interesting video showing a typical day of testing, tuning, and re-testing on the Dyno. All Porsche® 928 performance claims made by 928 Motorsports are Dyno-tested and certified. Turn your speakers up! If you haven't heard a 928 at 6,000 RPM before, you need to hear this! (15 MB)
Click to Download! This video uses a "Cone Cam" mounted outside the car at about wheel height while we take a timed run at Blackhawk Farms Raceway. We get to see if we are using the whole road or not, hitting our apexes, and how the front tire is doing under load. We laid in a cool audio track to match the action - turn your speakers up!
Click to Download! This race was a long one and it started to rain mid-way through. The video shows true Porsche® 928 performance. It is us coming up on a pack of cars and passing thru it, eventually overtaking the lead Corvette. Tried something new - this video jumps to different view angles - inside the car and trackside - at the same corner. (40 MB)
Click to Download! George Suennen is a regular on the Open-Road Racing circuit in Americas ' southland. Here he is piloting his supercharged 928 in the "Bonneville 100 Open Road Race", where he will hold constant speeds of 160 MPH!
Click to Download! From Mark Anderson: "This race was April 1 2007. I had entered in the GTC-3 class which is for stock 996 cup cars. I had missed qualifying because I was working on a friends car. The race had 2 groups with a staggered start and I had to start at the back of the first group in 26th position. I had made it up to 3rd overall when the race went full coarse yellow and finished there. Fontana's road coarse length is 2.8 miles and fully utilizing turn 1&2 which have a 14 degree banking. In the 996 cup I reach a top speed of 159 going into turn one where as with the 928 I can reach 171 according to GPS." [928M] "
Click to Download! Supercharged 968 Race Video Supercharged 968 Race Video. Here Owner/Driver Tim Nagy takes his newly-supercharged 968 to Barber Motorsports Park and dives into the fray. He has enough torque and HP to pull on some pretty big cars, and finishes first in his class! 71 Mb.