Our 2020 Land Speed Event

This year we are going to take the Meg to a high-banked oval and see if we can’t reach about 230 MPH with her while we tweak the aero package a bit. The current land speed record is held by this car at 216.63537 MPH on salt, and we know that she is capable of much more on pavement.

The setup for a high-banked paved closed course oval and maximum speed is different from other builds we’ve done. We want the tires tucked in and under the fenders so drag can be kept down to a minimum. The tires are wider than Bonneville, but not as wide as those we use road racing. The bodywork will use the Bonneville low-drag aero package, but this time there is no ballast and we are back to making the car as light as we can. The engine tune is for max HP – the full 1114 HP tune will be put on the track. The track is pavement, not salt, and there will be only one driver and 18 gallons of fuel on board.

Unlike Daytona, where we drove the Rolex 24hr course including the infield section, this time I will only be on the oval, no infield. Our objective is different this time too: the goal is to test and tweak our high speed aero package, which I have never been able to do at Bonneville or the wind tunnel. I will need to spend time between 220 and 230 MPH to do this.

Reaching and maintaining those speeds will be a bit trickier on an oval than it would be on a straight-away. I’ll have to come out of the corner before the straight at about 140 MPH we figure, then accelerate like mad to my testing speed before I have to bring my speed back down to around 140 MPH again so I can make the next corner. So you can see, this event has some unique challenges.

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