300HP M28/11 16v Porsche® 928 Engine Complete

Complete used M28/11 Euro motor from a manual trans Porsche 928. Pieces of these 300 HP motors are very hard to find, and finding a complete one like this is even harder.

The pieces that make a 300HP 16v motor different from the 220 HP 16v motor are as follows:

In this engine, you can get all these pieces at one time. The camshaft covers have been removed to make sure that the original 300 HP cams are still there. They are. The engine turns all the way around without and hard spots. This engine has not run for about 10 years, and has been in indoor storage all that time.

We represent that all the M28/11 parts are all here, and that's all. This engine should be gone through and refreshed before being put into service.

Can be picked up at our office, or we can ship motor freight in a crate to you. Crating charge is $120, and you can keep the engine crate. They're handy.

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300HP M28/11 16v Porsche® 928 Engine Complete $3200.00 U.S. Only: Motor Freight++
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