1985-86 32V SUPERCHARGER KIT for the Porsche® 928

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Application: 1985-86 32-Valve Porsche® 928

Easy Installation! Our kits come with everything you need to do the complete installation yourself. The Stage 1 kit is our easiest kit to install because it does not require a separate intercooler system. Plus, because the Raptor V supercharger used in these kits is self-contained - with permanently lubricated bearings - the need for oil lines to and from the engine is eliminated. Typical installation time: 8 hours complete!

Top Technology! The 928 Motorsports Stage 1 Supercharger kit for the Porsche® 928 will provide more delivered horsepower and torque and do it efficiently, reliably and quietly with no loss of driveability or daily ease of operation. You can substantially increase your 928's acceleration. This rugged supercharger's precision construction and the exclusive ceramic-coated impeller assures full high speed performance at all RPM's along with outstanding reliability and quiet operation. No special care or maintenance is needed.

Dyno-proven Results: This Supercharger kit installed on a 1985 Porsche® 928 with the 32v engine and automatic transmission (photos below) produced 317HP at the tire and 375 HP at the engine, up from the stock numbers of 249 HP at the tire and 288 HP at the engine. We did this at less than 5 pounds of boost for a nice, safe installation with no need to change head gaskets.

Some Features:

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Complete Kit: In addition to the Supercharger, brackets, all hardware, and air tubing specific to your vehicle, 928 Motorsports also provides you with:

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Warranty: These are factory NEW kits and are warranted direct to you. The Limited Warranty covers any and all defects in workmanship and material, regardless of mileage incurred during the warranty period.

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