Stainless and Titanium Valves for your Porsche®

this part is Pikes Peak tested this part is Bonneville Tested

The combination of high rpm's, frequent and rapid rpm changes, and a long camshaft drive belt can really tax the valve train of the 928 racer. The cost of a failure - especially on the interference-fit 32v motors - is very high.

These valve train components have been selected to both lighten and strengthen your valve train. Lighter valve train parts lessen the rotating mass and the amount of torque required by the belt to accelerate or decelerate the valve train, thereby lessening belt failures and also increasing the accuracy of the valve events.

928MS Stainless Steel Valves - Lighter than stock, and less expensive too! Ideal for street supercharged and turbocharged engines.

928MS Titanium Valves - The top-shelf valve for the racer who demands the best. The lower mass of the titanium valves combined with the matching keepers (locks, cotters) and spring retainers allow for the use of higher RPM and more aggressive cam profiles without the loss of valve control.

Matching Valve Seats - Valve seats specifically designed to compliment the SS or Ti valve you select, for our oversized 39.5mm intake and 33mm exhaust valves.

New Valve Guides - Porsche OEM spec valve guides for the 16v or 32v heads.

Titanium Spring Retainers - Our Titanium retainers are precision CNC machined from aerospace quality alloys, fully heat treated and finished to exact tolerances.

Alloy Valve Locks - Our valve locks machined from premium quality heat-treated steel alloy, which insure precision fit between the spring retainer and valve stem. These locks are stronger than OEM, maintaining proper installed height during operation, and especially useful with high pressure springs.

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Stainless Steel Valves++ U.S. Only: $38.00
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Titanium Valves U.S. Only: $32.00
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Matching Valve Seats U.S. Only: $14.00
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New Valve Guides U.S. Only: $16.00
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Titanium Spring Retainers U.S. Only: $18.00
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Alloy Valve Locks U.S. Only: $9.00
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++ Set includes 8 exhaust and 8 intake valves.