3-wire Connector MALE Repair Kit for the PORSCHE® 928 944 951 968

The Problem: The 3-wire connectors on your Porsche® crank reference sensors and knock sensors were made from a molded material that becomes brittle and crumbles as it ages.

These are commonly found at the:

We also have the 3-wire FEMALE side of this connection, if you need that. This is the MALE side of that connector.

These are weather-tight connectors, complete with seal and boot so no moisture will get in.

The Solution: Our 3-wire repair kit is a permanent repair. Your old faulty connector can be cut off and this new one crimped on in minutes.

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3-wire Connector MALE Repair Kit for the Porsche® 928 944 951 968 ELE-CRK-3W-M $22.95 U.S. Only: $9.00
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