Front Brake Upgrade Kit for the Porsche® 928 GT and S4

Application: Porsche® 928 S4 and GT from 1987 thru 1991

Overview: A bolt-on kit to upgrade the S4 and GT brakes (which have 302mm rotors) that will upgrade them to GTS spec, and 322mm rotors. Not only will this dramatically increase your stopping power and fade resistance, but they will fill up a new set of wheels nicely!

The Kit: We provide EVERYTHING you need to pull your 928 S4/GT into the garage and drive out with GTS brakes in a couple of hours. Easy bolt-on installation. We supply GENUINE Porsche® parts, new rotors, good used calipers, and new OEM spec brake pads. Calipers may be black or red, depending on what we can find.

The Brake Kit Includes:

The Bonus: Every brake upgrade kit we sell comes with a complete replacement set of front and rear stainless steel braided brake lines. Braided stainless brake lines will give you the firmest brake pedal you have ever felt - and the piece-of-mind that your flexible brake lines are new, and abrasion and cut resistant.

Two Types of Pads Available: For street driving, we offer the standard pad- they do a nice job and are pretty dust-free so they do not mess up your wheels. For racing and performance driving, order your brakes with the premium pads - they are designed to resist brake fade under repeated hard braking applications.

Fitment Notes:
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