8" Bosch OEM Headlamp Assembly for the Porsche® 928

For all Porsche® 928

The Headlamp your 928 was Designed For: We imported these from Porsche® Germany for you - this is the complete headlamp assembly that the 928 has in Europe and our American 928's were designed for.

Often, during the "federalization" process, our 8" headlamps were removed and a cheaper 7" sealed-beam headlamp installed with a 1" chrome trim ring around them.

This will replace the entire 7" headlight and get rid of the chrome trim ring - and give your 928 the clean appearance and hi-performance lighting it was always engineered to have! These replacements even have the OEM "Indicator Nib" as shown in the pictures below that tells you from the drivers seat if the lamp is on or out.

Price is PER headlamp assembly. Includes Lens, and Headlamp bucket.

Simple installation, only a screwdriver needed. A direct bolt-in fit to your 928.

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