8-Rib Power Pulleys

for Powerdyne, Vortech®, Paxton Superchargers

For all Superchargers with a 0.785" (20mm) shaft including: all Powerdyne, Vortech® and Paxton models.
Pulleys Available:

TOP QUALITY! Our supercharger pulleys are made from a single 6061 alloy aluminum billet, and turned to an accuracy within .001 of an inch. Unlike poorly-made pulleys that have straight-cut belt vees - that cause belt slippage - ours are properly V-Cut for maximum belt contact! Racers often carry a few different pulley sizes with them so they can adjust their boost to match their gearing, octane, or tune.

SUR-GRIP® means NO SLIP! All of our pulleys are also available with our exclusive Sur-Grip® process to eliminate belt slip. Sur-Grip® is a tungsten-alloy granular coating that is applied into the vees of the pulleys with a process called Electrofusion. This process creates a true metallurgical bond with very high strength. The granular surface allows the rubber in the belt to "key" into the pulley, greatly increasing its tractive force. In addition to increasing the surface friction for the belts, it also increases the surface hardness of the material up to 72Rc, making the pulley itself last longer also.

A GENERAL RULE of THUMB: on a properly tuned and fueled engine, you should gain about 20 HP per 1 PSI of boost++.

What is the right-size pulley for your application?
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++All PSI estimates based on a crankshaft pulley being 6.5" in diameter operating at 6,000 RPM

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