928 Engine Coffee Table

Application: Porsche® 928 owners and fanatics, all Years, all Models.

Just the thing for the man-cave of your favorite Porsche® 928 lover. A real, used 928 engine block mounted on four 928 con rods as legs, and holding the glass aloft on four 928 pistons supported on 928 head studs. The genuine article!

The glass top is supported on 928 pistons atop real engine studs. You may mount your pistons so that your finished table is either 15" or 20" high.

Note: glass is not included. It's less expensive to order the glass table top locally, rather than have the glass shipped to you with the engine. In this way, you also can get exactly the glass dimensions you like. The top in these pictures is 18" x 30". Recommended sizes include 22" x 30" or 24" x 30"

Shipped disassembled, in a heavy box.

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