Custom 2-layer Fitted Car Cover with Storage Bag For Porsche® 928

Application: Porsche® 928 1978-1995 all

Have you found that the semi-custom car covers just don't fit the 928 well? We did. Just like a "Medium" shirt does not fit all medium-sized people, a "Medium" semi-custom car cover leaves a lot to be desired also.

The are the best true Custom Covers for the price that we could find. Double-stitched, complete with mirror pockets, sewn in ties and elastic gatherings - and tailored to fit the 928 very well. See photos below.

This water-resistant and sun-proof car cover is excellent for both indoor and outdoor applications. Made of Very strong material, water flows off the top of it, yet moisture under the cover can still escape. And, because it is designed to handle water and dampness well - it does NOT HAVE A FLANNEL lining! Flannel under your car cover will hold moisture next to your paint for extended periods of time and can cause paint spotting.

We also provide special silicone covers that can be fitted over the underbody strap connectors to prevent scratching of the rocker panels.


Optional Car Cover Lock: Each car cover has sewn-in tabs to fit our optional car cover cable lock. Prevents your car cover from disappearing!

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Custom 2-layer Fitted Car Cover with Storage Bag For Porsche® 928 ACC-CC-2PLY $102.50 $16.50 Ships in 1 week or less

Optional Car Cover Cable Lock ACC-CC-CL $14.50 $7.50 Ships in 1 week or less

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