Cryogenic Cross-Drilled Brake Rotors for Porsche® 944/951/968

Application: Porsche® 944/951 1983-1991 all and 968 1992-95 all

What Cryogenic Brake Rotors are: When brake rotors are cryogenically treated, they are frozen at temperatures down to -350 deg F and held there for more than 60 hours. This changes the molecular structure of the metal forever, making the resulting brake rotor tighter, more dense, and capable of greater heat transfer and stress loads.

What Cryogenically Treated Rotors do: They save you money and they out-perform untreated rotors. Money: The Cryogenic rotor will last more than 3 times as long than the not-treated rotor, saving not only the purchase price of new brake rotors, but the labor charges to install them each time. Cryogenically treated rotors also make brake pads last longer too. Performance: Cryogenically treated rotors transfer heat faster than non-treated rotors, making them far less prone to out-gassing of pads and brake fade. A must for race and performance driving.

Description: Our brake rotors are brand new and cast for cross-drilling. This is different than other rotors that are cast flat and then cross-drilled - often resulting in cracks at the cooling holes. Our rotors are meant to be drilled and have extra material in those areas so they do not crack. Then we treated them with a proprietary process that includes reducing their temperature to more than -350 below zero for 60 hours. The finished product is a brake rotor that will outperform anything you have bought before, in performance and value!

Prices shown are for ONE new, cross-drilled, cryogenically treated brake rotor ready to install.

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Cryogenic Cross-Drilled Brake Rotors for Porsche® 944/951/968 U.S. Only: $24.00
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Cryogenic Dimpled & Vented Brake Rotors for the Porsche® 968 U.S. Only: $24.00
All Others:
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