944 & 968 High-Output LED H3 Bulbs for Fog and Driving Lights

Application: All Porsche 944, 944S2, and 968 as follows:

Description: Time to toss those old yellowish 55W halogen bulbs in your fog lamps and step up to some real performance in LED! Operating in the 5500 degree Kelvin color range, these bulbs have the correct color for daylight-matching performance. More than twice as bright as the 55W Halogen bulbs that they replace, but actually consume less power. They are the perfect color match to our Nighthawk(r) 7" LED headlamps.

Safety first: Most H3-to-LED fog light bulbs are too long, requiring the removal of the internal light shield in your fog light to use them. Without that shield, you lose the nice crisp cut-off that you want in a fog light. Then the light is allowed to flare up, where it not only gets into other driver's eyes, but it causes problems in fog for you as well! Our special 928MS LED bulbs are short enough to allow the shield to work as intended so you get the nice, crisp (and safe) cut-off you want from your fog light.

Position Lights available to round it out: When you install our modern Xenon-white LED bulbs in the headlights and fog lights, you might find those dinky little 5-watt position lights look out of place. We have sourced a replacement LED for them as well that is color-matched to the fog lights and our NightHawk head lights. See the pics below in the section "LED FOGS ALL ON". Simple installation, low current draw, and brighter than you have now.

928MS Quality: All our LED fog and position light bulbs come equipped with an integral IC driver to ensure the correct wattage is provided to the LED chips. This constant-current driver provides the brightest, non-flickering light and longest life expectancy. Cheap LED bulbs do not have this feature.

Warranty: Free replacement if they fail at any time within one year.

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