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Taking our 968 Stage 1 kit Up a Notch! Where our Stage I kit was designed for street use, our Stage II kit is ready for the track. This kit provides a new set of four 3rd generation (improved) injectors, a larger crankshaft pulley, and brings in significantly more boost. This is an advanced kit for the experienced tuner. Because of the higher CFM air flow provided, changes will be needed to ensure an adequate fuel supply.

Yet, there is no need for intercoolers or special head gaskets. In fact, the engine does not have to come apart at all for this kit! Even the Air Conditioner stays!

The Results: Our 968 Stage II kit will produce almost 350 HP of safe, reliable, trouble-free HP on your 968.

Top Technology! The 928 Motorsports Supercharger kit for the Porsche® 968 will provide more horsepower and torque and do it efficiently, reliably and quietly with no loss of drivability or daily ease of operation. You will substantially increase your 968's acceleration and fun-factor! This rugged supercharger's precision construction and the exclusive ceramic-coated impeller assures full high speed performance at all RPM's along with outstanding reliability and quiet operation. No special care or maintenance is needed.

Dyno-proven Results: This Supercharger kit installed on a 1992 Porsche® 968 with manual transmission (photos below) produced 296 HP at the tire and 348 HP at the engine, up from the stock numbers of 187 HP at the tire and 215 HP at the engine. A gain of 133 HP. Further, the test car was "driven" on the dyno for several hours to ensure belt tracking and tension staid correct throughout all RPM, ranges, gears, and loads.

Some Features:

  • Designed for maximum safe boost at the track
  • Completely street-drivable.
  • Designed to allow your Air Conditioning to remain in place and function.
  • Does not require oil lines running to/from your supercharger; simplifies installation and reduces oil leaks.
  • Does not require removal of the intake manifold or fuel system to install.
  • New Injectors supplied.
  • Complete kit has been Dyno-tuned and tested, safe for your motor.
  • Complete kit includes every mechanical part you need and detailed instructions.
  • You can use your own Mega Squirt, Motronic, or Electromotive fuel solution, or use ours.
  • The mechanicals can be installed by the average mechanic/or owner in under 8 hours.
  • Uses the advanced and highly-efficient Raptor supercharger.
  • The only centrifugal supercharger machined from billet, not castings.
  • The only centrifugal supercharger with a ceramic-coated impeller for greater adiabatic efficiency.

Available Two Ways: As a complete kit, with our Electromotive Tec-GT Engine System included and everything you need, or just as the mechanicals-only kit, and supply your own fuel system solution.

Base Kit Includes: Whether you opt to include our Tec-GT engine management or supply your own tuning solution, all 928MS Stage II kits come with all the mechanicals you need, including:

  • 928 Motorsports Cold Air Intake System with K&N Filter
  • 928 Motorsports Supercharger Mounting brackets
  • 928M Hi-performance Blow-off Valve
  • 928 Motorsports Custom Crankshaft Pulley
  • Idler/Tensioner Pulley Assembly
  • A complete, new High-Output Radiator Fan
  • All required silicone hoses and elbows
  • All required tubing and clamps
  • All required metric hardware
  • Excellent Assembly Instructions and Tech Support

Complete Kit Option Adds These Items:

  • Electromotive Tec-GT Engine Management System
  • Manifold Air Temp sensor
  • Manifold Air Pressure sensor
  • Main Injector wiring harness
  • Fuel Pump relay

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Warranty: These are factory NEW kits and are warranted direct to you. 928 Motorsports warrants against any and all defects in workmanship and material for 1 year from the date of purchase regardless of mileage or use. Raptor Superchargers warrants the supercharger head unit for 1 year, but racing voids their warranty. This is common with most supercharger manufacturers.


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Base Supercharger Kit, Mechanicals with Injectors only. No Engine Management for the PORSCHE® 968 Stage 2




Normally Ships in 4 Weeks or Less

Complete Supercharger Kit, Includes Electromotive Tec-GTEMS for the PORSCHE® 968 Stage 2




Normally Ships in 4 Weeks or Less

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