Upper A-Arm Performance Bushings for Porsche® 928

Installation Instructions Available

Application: All Porsche® 928 78-95

Improved Cornering response! The upper-A-Arm bushings in your 928 may be suffering from slop by this time in their life... as the rubber has been under attack by the ozone generated under-hood and all the oils that have gotten splashed or leaked onto them. They either turn brittle and break (ozone deterioration) or they turn to mush (oil damaged). Either way, you cannot get all the cornering your 928 is capable of with A-Arm bushings like that.

This is the Cure! These Upper A-Frame bushings are made out of high-quality new synthetic rubber with steel bushings. They are an exact replacement to the OEM part - except they are better! This rubber is resistant to oil, gas, or ozone, and holds its shape ;better than the stock rubber part for improved cornering accuracy and suspension response. Better than nylon bushings, which squeak terribly and jar your teeth out. Our bushings maintain your ride, improve your cornering, and remain quiet while they do it.

Even better, we have upgraded the Shor hardness of the rubber slightly to get and hold precise camber settings mid-corner. Where the stock bushings are a Shor 60, our Performance bushings are a Shor 70!

If you have upgraded to Bilsteins or Koni's, and you have not replaced your upper A-Arm bushings, you are not getting your monies worth out of your investment in shocks! A better bushing has less slop and transfers more of the a-arm motion into linear motion for your shocks to act upon!

Complete Kit! One of these kits is enough to do both sides of the car. Includes the special tools and instructions necessary to do a professional job. Please specify the year of your 928 so we ship you the right bushings.

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Upper A-Arm Performance Bushings for Porsche® 928 1978 - 1986.5 SUS-UAAB-<86 $282.00 U.S. Only: $16.00
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Upper A-Arm Performance Bushings for Porsche® 928 1987 - 1995 SUS-UAAB->86.5 $282.00 U.S. Only: $16.00
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