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Complete 3 Quart Accusump Kit for Porsche® 928

Application: 1978-95 Porsche® 928 all

Accusump Overview (in brief): Instructions AvailableAn Accusump is an oil accumulator that maintains steady oil pressure in the engine even in hard cornering or acceleration when the oil in the pan moves away from the oil pickup.  This is an issue in race cars or very high HP cars.  Additionally, it will also pressurize the oil system before the engine starts, eliminating the problem where most bearing wear occurs at startup while waiting for the oil pressure to come up.

Oil Line Problems: Our kit will also convert you out of those old, cracked rubber oil cooler lines and into new, stronger stainless steel braided lines by using our exclusive metric-to-AN oil line adapters. Now you can configure and re-configure your oil lines as your race car evolves with easy-to-find AN fittings.

No Sandwich Plate Needed: We've eliminated the need for an oil sandwich plate. Because we connect directly to the oil lines, we get full (not partial) and rapid flow of the oil when its needed.

Supplied with EPC Valve: The 928 Motorsports® Accusump kit is complete with the EPC (Electric Pressure Control) valve. This is more expensive than a common remote electric valve, but absolutely the best for your racing application. The valve is pre-set  for a discharge/refill of 20-25 PSI. These valves have the convenience of an electric valve for remote mounted units and the rapid refill rate of a manual valve as required in racing. The E.P.C. valving will only allow the Accusump to discharge oil when the engine's oil pressure drops below a predetermined level and only refill when the pressure rises above that level.

Kit Includes:

  • 3 Qt Accusump
  • 1 EPC Pressure Control Valve
  • 2 Accusump Mounting Clamps
  • 2 928MS Engine Oil Line Adapters
  • 2 928MS Radiator Oil Line Adapters
  • 4 AN straight hose ends
  • 4 AN 90 deg hose ends
  • 1 AN tee
  • 12 Feet of -10 AN SS Braided line
  • 1 Instructions
Mounting Flexibility This Accusump kit can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and placed in many different places both inside and outside your race car. We have included an electric valve system for automatic remote operation. If you would prefer a manual valve (mount the Accusump within reach of the driver) we can reduce the price by $140.

Accusump Value: At almost $900, an Accusump system isn't cheap - but it is way less expensive than the alternatives. 

  • Accusump vs. Nothing: The first time you knock your rod bearings out in a long carousel where the oil pressure drops to zero, you will wish you would have installed one. The crank and rod (and possibly more) repair will cost you much more than the Accusump would have.

  • Accusump vs. Dry Sump: A dry sump system would be fantastic if you had one. But there are no commercially available dry sump kits for the 928.  The good parts for a build-your-own dry sump kit will run into the $3000 range, and more if your first or second oil pan designs are wrong before you land on the right configuration.  


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Complete 3 Quart Accusump Kit for Porsche® 928



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