High Output Alternators for Porsche 928

Modern power to drive the Accessories you want!

Application: Porsche® 928 1978 through 1995 all

Background: The first Porsche® 928s were introduced with 90 amp alternators. When these were found to be too weak for the option-laden Porsche’s luxury sports sedan, they upped it to a 115-amp alternator to try to solve the problems these weak alternators were causing.

This is our NEW 2nd Generation Design: The key feature of this alternator is that it has a segmented conductor stator, (commonly referred to as a hair-pin stator) and uses square-wire technology. Wrapping the stator core with square shaped angular copper wires allows more windings in less space which means better performance and increased durability for you. Our stator has half of the internal resistance found in traditional round-wire units, and its compact size allows better cooling around and through the alternator. The old, traditional round wire stators are not as efficient, more sensitive to heat, and prone to breaking at high RPM.

It can help with these problems:

Simple Installation: Our case is machined from billet for a direct bolt-up to your 928. Mounts exactly in the same way as the stock alternator. Wiring is direct too – just like the original! Arrives ready to install with the right pulley already on it.

Warranty: Each of our alternators comes with a 1-year free replacement warranty.

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