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Aluminum Fuel Rail Kit

this part is Pikes Peak tested this part is Bonneville Tested Product Installation Services Available
Application: 1987-1995 32v Porsche® 928 all
  1984-1986 16v Porsche® 928 with LH-Jetronic
  1980-1984 16v Porsche® 928 with L-Jetronic*

Our billet aluminum fuel rails perform three important functions for you:

Sharp Good Looks: if your fuel rails covers are cracked or missing, if your rails and lines are rusty, or perhaps you have installed our matching aluminum intake manifold spacers - then these billet aluminum fuel rails and lines will finish off an engine bay that you can be proud of. Order them unpolished below if you want to powder-coat or paint them to match your engine paint scheme, or in the high-polish aluminum finish as shown.

Performance: the stock fuel system has a number of serious bends and kinks in the lines (see pictures below) any one of which can restrict fuel flow to the injectors. By upgrading to the 928MS rails and ;making some braided fuel lines, all the restrictions are eliminated assuring full fuel capacity is available to your injectors at any time.

Ease of Maintenance: perhaps you're a serious 928 tuner who has become frustrated with how difficult it is to remove and replace the stock fuel rails when you want/need to. Then you will love our new fuel rail hold-down design - with our special brackets that make it a cinch to take the fuel rails on and off. No more dropping hold-down nuts in impossible places to reach!

928 Motorsports Quality: Expertly crafted from aluminum billet, and milled to a fine finish. Each rail is equipped with -6AN fittings at each end. Brackets are 6063 aluminum with stainless steel fasteners.

Fitment Notes*:
  • 1987-1995 32v 928: these fuel rails bolt on to your car directly. You will only have to make your own fuel lines.
  • 1984-1986 16v LH-Jetronic: use these rails with the injectors you have. You will only need to make your own hold down brackets and fuel lines.
  • 1980-1984 16v L-Jetronic: use these rails to convert from your early barbed-injector style to the more popular and available Bosch late-model injector. Buy just the fuel rails, you will need to make your own hold down brackets and fuel lines.
All fuel rails come complete with the -6 AN fittings in each end.

Finishes: Order the fuel rail in Satin Finish to match unpolished aluminum, or if you intend to paint the fuel rails. Order polished finish for a bright reflective finish.

32 Valve Applications
16 Valve Applications

Aluminum Fuel Rail Kit






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