Aluminum Torque Tube Kit

Application: Roll Cage-Equipped Porsche® 928, 1980-95

Description: The steel torque tube in your Porsche® 928 was necessary because the engine is floating on rubber mounts at the front, the transaxle is also mounted on rubber mounts at the back, and the Uni-body twists and flexes as loads are applied. The stiff (and very heavy) torque tube was required to keep the engine and the transaxle in alignment with each other in spite of all this movement.

However, if your 928 race car is equipped with a full race roll cage, then you no longer need the heavy OEM torque tube to locate your engine and transaxle relative to each other. With your roll cage eliminating twist and flexion, you can (and should) solid mount your engine and transaxle to the frame, which is now more rigid than the torque tube ever could be.

Then install this all-new 6061 alloy torque tube to remove 25 pounds from your car!

Quality: The 928 Motorsports Aluminum Torque Tube includes expertly machined front and rear flanges that are milled from billet. These are attached by a professional welder to the tube with extra-wide fillets for maximum strength with no failure points. Uses the stock shifter mechanism (not included).

Installation: Some Assembly Required. You will need to transfer the driveshaft and driveshaft bearing shims from your current torque tube into this torque tube.

Kit Includes: Aluminum torque tube, three new driveshaft bearings installed in bearing blocks, the shifter ball post, and a new exhaust strap and hook.

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