ALL Aluminum Replacement Radiator for the Porsche® 928

made in America from all-American parts

Application: All Porsche® 928's, All Years, All Models

Our radiators are made in America from all-American parts, right down to the integral oil coolers. They are epoxy-free, fully welded, and typically run 7% cooler than other flux bonded aluminum core radiators and 15% cooler than copper or brass. The integral oil coolers we install in the end tanks (depending on model) have a burst strength 1.5 times higher than all of our competitors, flow greater with less restriction, and are designed to be back-flushed should that ever be necessary. These radiators are 100% TIG welded by skilled craftsmen and performance-rated to 20 psi.

CUSTOM BUILT FOR YOUR CAR: We don't sell a "one size fits all" radiator for the 928. There are different radiators for cars with different transmissions, fan shrouds, and with or without integral engine oil coolers. We make nine different models for the 928, meaning you will get exactly what you need and only what you need from us for your car. A true custom fit.

A PERFECT DROP-IN FIT: Even though our radiator is a little thicker in the core (for better cooling capacity), the dimensions of the end tanks are exactly the same as original. All fan shroud mounts are located and ready - your 928 Motorsports radiator will drop in and bolt up without modification.

ALL COOLING ACCESSORIES ALSO: 928 Motorsports also has all the other cooling accessories to compliment your new radiator and provide the max in cooling and reliability. From our all-aluminum coolant reservoirs to electronically controlled fan kits, look to us for your complete cooling solution.

As a OEM Replacement: As a Performance Upgrade:

All our radiators are warranted come with a two-year warranty. If they should fail for any reason (other than abuse or impact) we will replace that radiator for free.

Item Options Year Part Number Price (USD) Shipping*
ALL Aluminum Replacement Radiator for the Porsche® 928 1978 - 1986 U.S. Only: $44.00
All Others:
ALL Aluminum Replacement Radiator for the Porsche® 928 1987 - 1995 U.S. Only: $44.00
All Others:

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