Aux Fan Kit with Electronic Fan Controller for 1986.5-95 Porsche® 928

Description: Where early (1978-1986) Porsche 928's came with a pusher fan mounted in front of the radiator, the 1986.5 to 1995 928's did not. This kit will add a high-output pusher fan in front of your radiator, and control when it turns on and off with electronically-adjustable accuracy. This is a great add-on for supercharged cars, or for cars that spend their lives in hot climates and stop-and-go traffic.

Electronic Controller Accuracy: The electronic fan controller provided in this kit can be adjusted with just a turn of the knob to start and stop your fan anywhere between 160 and 240 deg F. It also has a provision for an air conditioning relay and a manual switch connection.

Hi Performance, not High Noise: Drawing on the latest technology in "S" shaped blades, the fan moves 2000 CFM but is quiet. Draws less than 17 amps.

Quality Components: This kit uses a high-quality fan made by SPAL that will give many years of dependable service. The electronic fan controller is weather-proof and features a stainless steel temperature probe for long-lasting maintenance-free service. Easy to follow wiring instructions are provided.

Some Mods required to Install: Your late-model 928 has never had a pusher fan in front of the motor - so you may have to move a few things to make room. Those 928's that are equipped with movable radiator louvers will have to remove them, which is a good idea whether or not you purchase this kit! Fan mounts easily to the air conditioning cooler core with mounting tabs provided.

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