Upper Ball Joint Rebuild Kit for Porsche® 944

Application: Fits all Porsche® 944 models with Aluminum front control arms which are: 944 from 1985.5, 944 Turbo, 944S, 944S2

Description: Rebuild Your 944 Upper Ball Joints while in the Car! The Upper A-Arm on the listed 944 models are designed to allow the upper ball-joint to be serviced. There is a snap-ring holding in the old ball joint, you remove it and install the new ball joint. This kit and instructions allow you to do this with the suspension still IN THE CAR and also replace the all-important ball joint bushing.

Quality Parts: Our ball cup bushing is machined from a single piece of aluminized bronze, the preferred material for toughness and long wear. Look at the photos below - you'll see what a cast ball joint cup looks like and how they fail (they shatter). Our ball joint cup never will! New polyurethane ball joint grease boots are also provided - everything you need!

Ease of Installation: The Ball Joint can be serviced with ordinary hand tools. Not only do you not have to remove the upper A-Arm, but when you do it this way, the car will also not need an alignment when you are done. Saves Time AND Money!

One kit will rebuild BOTH front upper ball joints.

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