Polyurethane Rear Upper "Banana" Link Kit

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Application: Porsche® 928, 1978-1995 all

The Rear Upper Link or "Banana" Link holds the rear spindle upright and maintains the camber setting of the 928. It must move smoothly up and down with the suspension, but resist in-and-out travel to maintain camber and provide predictable high-speed cornering. It must also allow a small amount of for-and-aft swing movement for the Weissach suspension to perform correctly.

We take good used original Porsche® 928 Upper Links and disassemble them, mill new bushing surfaces in the aluminum, and press in new graphite-impregnated polyurethane bushings for you. They come assembled and ready to install.

Benefit #1: Holds Camber settings better: Because our bushings are durometer rated 88 A, they resist deformation under loads better than the original rubber part. This allows the Link to hold the desired camber setting when cornering, which in turn provides a larger tire-to-pavement contact patch and better cornering. This is especially true if your 928 is equipped with wheel spacers or wider-than-stock wheels and tires; because these modifications impose greater force on the stock bushings, causing them to deform and lose camber.

Benefit #2: Increases Weissach resistance: The passive-rear steer system of the Weissach rear suspension on the 928 is fantastic, but when it is fitted with wider-than-stock rear tires or higher offset wheels, it can produce more toe-in mid corner than desired. This kit also replaces the ball-type rubber bushings (which allowed free angular movement of the link) with straight-sided bushings to increase resistance to the Weissach movement, allowing the Weissach system to still function as intended, but now in range again to match the wide tires and wide track of modern setups.

Can be installed with the rear suspension in the car. Installation is easy, about 1 hour to do both sides of the car. Our instructions will show you how.

Our price includes two rebuilt links with new bushings, 2 new mounting bolts, 4 new locknuts, all washers, and instructions.

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