Engine Belly Pan for the Porsche® 928

This part is Pikes Peak tested
Application: 1987-95 Porsche® 928 S4, GT, GTS

928s with the engine belly pan in place are reported to run 10 degrees cooler than those without - plus - the belly pan adds to the high-speed stability of the vehicle according to Porsche®.

But, for most of us, that fragile, plastic engine belly tray is cracked, broken or just plain missing.

Order a new one? Over $400 from Porsche®, and it'll go the same way as your old one on the first pothole or curb mishap.

Our replacement engine belly pan mounts exactly the same way as the original unit does, at all the same places. Simply transfer over the small cooling ducts from your old belly pan to your new one, and you are good-to-go.

This quality replacement part is made from a single sheet of .085" aluminum, then powder-coated in flat-black matte finish for good looks. This belly pan can take a beating! At Pikes Peak , this very belly pan saved us from oil pan damage from rocks I don't know how many times. And, because of its excellent materials, when it was bent, we were able to just pound it out and put it back into service. Definitely the last one you'll ever buy.

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