Belt Driven Fan Replacement Kit for the Porsche® 928

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aka: Viscous Clutch Fan Replacement

The Problem: Many of the old viscous-clutch fans are starting to fail in the field as they get on in years. The seals dry out, the silicone fluid inside leaks out, and then the fan either seizes up or pinwheels. If it seizes up, you are loosing gas mileage and HP. If it pinwheels, you will see your temp gauge climbing to new heights in city traffic.

Even when they were working, they barely turn at idle - and that is when you need them the most when stuck in traffic. And the gap between the fan blade and the radiator shroud was so big it harmed fan efficiency as well.

Technology has improved since these were built, and we can now do better.

The Solution: This Kit will replace that old, inefficient fan with a new electric 2000 CFM unit that will keep your 928 engine cooler on the hottest of days... and save you gas and HP too!

Hi Performance, not High Noise: Just because our electric fan moves more air as the OEM fan doesn't mean that it is louder. Drawing on the latest technology in "S" shaped blades, the fan moves 2000 CFM but is quieter than the fan you have now. Draws less than 17 amps.

Quality Components: Our kit uses a high-quality fan made by SPAL that will give many years of dependable service. The heavy-duty thermal switch is pre-installed for you in a billet-aluminum switch holder that cannot leak because it has no seams. Simply insert into your upper radiator hose and clamp in place - the switch is already pre-set to turn on when the coolant reaches 194 degrees. We also provide the relay and the wiring harness pre-assembled for you. Attach our custom wiring harness according to the easy-to-follow instructions provided and you are all done.

Simple Installation: We designed this kit for an easy top-of-the-motor installation. Even the coolant does not have to be drained from your system to install our thermal switch. The fan is already shrouded and clocked in the right direction when you get it. Typical time to remove the old fan and install the new one is less than 1 hour with ordinary hand tools.

Complete Kit: Everything you need is included:
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