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(Performance Mid-Range Headers are also available)
this part is Pikes Peak tested this part is Bonneville Tested

Application: 1987-1995 32v Porsche® 928 with modified motors.

Just for Modified Motors! Our Big Port headers are especially designed for heavily-modified Porsche 928 engines that need max power at wide-open throttle. Larger than our Performance Mid-Range Headers, these come port-matched to the 928 Motorsports CNC ported Big Valve Heads. These headers are an excellent choice for engines with big cams, big superchargers, and big valves.

Description: These Big-Port Headers are made with 1.75" primaries compared to the 1.625" primaries found on our Performance Mid-Range headers. The collectors are also shorter, yet still fit the standard 3" outlet flange so they are compatible with all our performance exhaust products. These headers come unfinished, so you can weld on sensor bungs where you like, and finish them to please. Because of their size, expect a snug fit - solid engine mounts recommended.

Flow Comparisons: Compared to our Performance Mid-Range Headers, these headers have 18% more flow.

On a boosted engine:
  • 5000 rpm boosted: Up from 823 CFM to 1004 CFM, an increase of 180.9 CFM.
  • 6500 rpm boosted: Up from 1070 CFM to 1305 CFM, and increase of 235 CFM.
On a naturally-aspirated (NA) engine:
  • 5000 rpm NA: Up from 476.9 CFM to 581.8 CFM, an increase of 104.9 CFM.
  • 6500 rpm NA: Up from 620 CFM to 756.3 CFM, and increase of 136.3 CFM.


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