Block Coolant Drain Valves For The Porsche® 928

Application: Porsche® 928 1978-95 all.

Description: The same high quality ball valve we use in our oil pan drain valves, this time sized to fit into the coolant drains in your block. Has a spring-loaded latch that prevents accidental opening, plus an external plastic clip over that, so it is double-locked not to leak! O-rings seal it to your block.

Benefits: Two good reasons to install these:
  1. When replacing your coolant, it is important to get all the old coolant out. Only by draining the block as well as the radiator can you be sure that you have gotten it all.
  2. If you drop your coolant out every winter (like we do) or when you are putting your 928 into prolonged storage, these drain valves are a real time-saver.

Note: Removing one drain valve does not completely drain your 928 engine. Because of the way the casting is formed internally, water will still remain in the other side. You need two of these to do the job right.

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