Floor Jack Adapter For Your BMW®


The Problem: Damaging your beautiful BMW® by:

  1. Having the car slide off the floor jack
  2. Having that big 6" jack pad on your floor jack dent the rocker panel during a lift

The Solution: This 928 Motorsports one-piece floor jack adapter fits into any of the four BMW® jacking sockets on your car, pinning the floor jack to the car so the car cannot slide off the jack.

Replaces the Stock Part: This part replaces the black plastic part that snaps onto the BMW jacking points. That part frequently cracks, breaks, and falls out; and its smooth surface makes it easy for the car to slide off the jack. DON’T REPLACE IT – use this instead. Safer, and it will never break!

Quality Made: Our Jack Adapter is made from a single 6064 Aluminum alloy billet - strong as steel, yet less likely to scratch your car than steel would be. Fits all common 2-ton and up floor jacks with a 1 1/8" adapter boss.

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