"Bonneville 928"

Land Speed Racing on the Bonneville Salt Flats in a Porsche® 928

By Carl Fausett, Team Owner, Driver

SPECIAL! Each book signed by the Author

Description: This book will immerse you into the challenges of building and racing a Porsche 928 on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Within its 306 pages, Carl will share with you all of the engineering issues the team encountered right through to race prep and the races themselves in his easy-to-read, conversational style. Contains over 400 full color pictures. The size is 8.5" X 8.5". Softcover and Hardcover versions available. Signed by the Author.

In praise of Bonneville 928:

Bonneville 928 is a must read for any car enthusiast. Within, Carl Fausett chronicles his journey of taking a modified German performance car to the most American of events; the Bonneville land speed record race. Fausett masterfully portrays the unique challenges of adapting a street car to a land speed record spec, a standard that is basically peerless in the motorsports world. Through simple, heartfelt storytelling, we take the journey alongside Fausett and experience his highs and lows as he attempts to capture the land speed record in his class.

Bonneville 928 is a worthy read for anyone who loves to modify cars; Fausett, in his characteristic down to earth fashion pulls no punches and tells you everything that worked and didn't worked with his car, giving the reader valuable insights into what it takes to go fast. This book is also written with the common car enthusiast in mind, and Fausett builds the car on a limited budget, unlike many of his competitors. It's a real David vs Goliath tale about a normal guy with a gutsy crew and an ambitious dream. If you like Porsche 928s, and you've wondered how the car stacks up against the world's best, this book is for you.

A Few Excerpts:

From Page 66:There is always some heightened excitement when installing a fresh engine in a race car. It’s like putting the very heart of the machine in place. As a crew chief, it’s one of the easiest days to recruit help for. Everybody wants in, and I can’t blame them! We had a couple advantages here that we usually don’t have when working on a regular Porsche 928. For example, the front bumper and front clip were gone, as were the fenders. In fact, all non-essential junk had long been stripped out of the way. We start by…

From Page 122: We went to two other road races that summer to shake down the car, and we uncovered a couple of things. The first was that I had so much torque under wide open throttle that the transmission would jump out of fourth gear. I learned to put my hand on the shift knob in fourth to hold it there when I was going to give her the juice. Not a great way to drive! Our first thought was that the transmission case might be losing its shape under heat and high loads and that was allowing the gear to slide out of its detent. That theory seemed reasonable, although we did have a trans cooler installed, which lead us to think that the case was deforming because of torque more than the heat alone. We theorized that the torque was pushing the layshaft away from the mainshaft so hard that the case expanded, allowing it to jump out of gear. We thought that some sort of external brace might help the transaxle case to keep its shape and prevent that.

From Page 182: We watched radar and satellite images on the internet and it looked like the eye of the storm might pass by us in early afternoon. I figured this might be our only chance for the day. If we didn’t get a run in today we might as well pack up and go home because there would not be enough time after that to get two runs back-to-back should I be lucky enough to set a record (after breaking a Bonneville speed record, a second run is required that also breaks the record—and the new record is the average of the two back-to-back record-breaking runs).

From Page 277: It only takes a couple hours for the hum of the diesel and the sway of the big truck to settle in to become the new “normal” for us. You get used to it. Near Edgerton IL, I left the driver’s seat and Myles strapped in for a couple of hours. Brian would be next. He was new to our crew, but fortunately he had driven similar trucks at his work. So he went in the back to try to get some sleep or at least rest his eyes before he took the next hitch after Myles was done. I went to the kitchen table to start my journal for this trip, apparently having completely forgotten that typing on a laptop is just about impossible while the truck is moving. What a mess! You can spend as much time backspacing and correcting mistaken keystrokes from the bouncing around as you can going forward. So I gave up, and reverted to pen and paper which was only just a little better. Honestly, my hand jerked so bad with each bump I thought to myself “it will be a wonder if I can read this shit!” and laughed.

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