Standard and Premium Brake Rotors for the Porsche® 928

this part is Pikes Peak tested

Application: Porsche® 928 1978-95 all

Your Choice: We offer both OEM Standard brake rotors for your 928 and our cryogenically treated rotors. The Standard rotors are a direct replacement and will return your 928 to factory spec.

What Cryogenic Brake Rotors are: When brake rotors are cryogenically treated, they are frozen at temperatures down to -350 deg F and held there for more than 60 hours. This changes the molecular structure of the metal forever, making the resulting brake rotor tighter, more dense, and capable of greater heat transfer and stress loads.

- Cost Benefits: The cryogenic rotor will last more than 3 times as long than the non-treated rotor, saving not only the purchase price of new brake rotors, but the labor charges to install them each time.

- Performance: Cryogenically treated rotors transfer heat faster than non-treated rotors, making them far less prone to out-gassing of pads and brake fade. A must for race and performance driving.

- Dimpled, not Drilled: The best brake rotors are dimpled and slotted, not drilled, just like these. Drilled rotors crack across the holes and that means costly early failures. Dimpled and slotted rotors have the best sweeps of the brake pad area to prevent brake fade from out-gassing pads or water, and the sharp good looks of a drilled rotor too.

Rotors are sold singly. Prices shown are for EACH.

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