Front Brake Upgrade Kit for the Porsche® 928 GT and S4

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Application : Porsche® 928 78-81 US Spec and Euro non-"S" and 928 S-types from 1982-86

Background: Some of the first feedback on the Porsche® 928 was that it was under-braked for a car of its weight and performance characteristics. Porsche® went through two major re-designs (the "S" brakes, then the S4 brakes) before arriving at this wonderful 4-piston, large-rotor setup.

If you Love your 928, Brake It! Why risk a front-ender that will cripple or possibly total your Porsche® when a proven, bolt-on, brake upgrade is available. The difference in braking performance and stopping distances between the early setup and the big S4 brakes is AMAZING .

The Kit: We are going to provide you with EVERYTHING you need to pull your 928 into the garage and drive out with S4 brakes in a couple of hours. Easy bolt-on installation. We use include GENUINE Porsche® parts, new rotors, new anodized billet brake adapters, new Porsche® OEM hardened mounting bolts, new Street/Sport brake pads, and new Stainless Steel brake lines. The only used parts are the 4-piston genuine Porsche® calipers themselves, and they have a 1-year free replacement warranty from our supplier direct to you.

The Bonus: Every brake upgrade kit we sell comes with a complete replacement set of front and rear stainless steel braided brake lines. Braided stainless brake lines will give you the firmest brake pedal you have ever felt - and the piece-of-mind that your flexible brake lines are new, and abrasion and cut resistant.

Upgrading the 928 S: The Porsche® 928 S from 1982-86 have slightly larger calipers than the earlier non-S models, and they use a different front spindle. We can upgrade the brakes on this model too, by supplying two good used front spindles from a non-S car for you.  Then the brake upgrade continues as normal, to equip your 928 with the late model 4-piston caliper setup. Select the "S" upgrade kit below.

Two Types of Pads Available: For street driving, we offer the standard pad- they do a nice job and are pretty dust-free so they do not mess up your wheels. For racing and performance driving, order your rear brakes with the premium pads - they are designed to resist brake fade under repeated hard braking applications.

The Brake Kit Includes:

Options: Quality standard brake pads for street use included. You can upgrade to premium (Street/Sport) when ordering below.

Fitment Notes:
  1. 1) If you are not sure whether this kit fits your 928, call us, we can help.
  2. 2) These are bigger brakes and rotors. Some (not all) early "phone dial" wheels will not fit over the new calipers without a small wheel spacer. If needed, the spacer can be purchased from us here.

Availability of this kit: This kit is subject to the availability of good used S4 brake calipers. All other parts of this kit are new, and in stock. But the S4 calipers are starting to be hard to find. You are welcome to look for a pair of them yourself, and we will discount this kit to reflect that if you locate a pair before we do. Call us for more information.

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