Complete Bump Steer Kit

for all Porsche® 928 Models

A MUST FOR LOWERED CARS: Lowering your 928 sure does look good, and the lowered center of gravity always helps high-speed cornering. But lowering your car also adds angularity to the tie rods ends and takes your steering geometry out of its optimum, intended range. Toe-in on droop and toe-out on bumps is magnified, and the car becomes darty during cornering. The more the car is lowered, the worse this becomes.

Our Bump steer kit will put your steering geometry back into the center of its range, and accurate toe settings and road/track feedback is restored.

QUALITY COMPONENTS: Made from the best of everything for your 928. Pintles are machined from hardened steel billet, fasteners are DIN980V alloy with yellow chromate plating. Spherical rod ends are made for us by Aurora Bearing, and the selection of spacers we provide are also yellow-chromate plated for lasting good looks and corrosion resistance.

EASY INSTALLATION: Bolt-in installation, no modifications to the car are required. Complete instructions provided.

FITMENT NOTE: These work best with the early tie rod end (PN 928.347.031.01) regardless of the year of vehicle because of the longer threaded barrel it provides.

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