High-Strength Cam Drive Hub

This part tested at 1200HB

Application: 32v Porsche® 928 engines from 1985-1995

This hub is responsible for maintaining the relationship (cam timing) between the cam sprocket and the camshafts. The stock ones were cast, and the metal is known to crack and fail like the one in the pictures below. When this happens, the cams are no longer controlled, and it can cause the valves to hit the pistons, creating a very expensive repair.

Rapid rpm changes (both accel and decel), after-market valve springs, and high-lift camshafts all increase the force on the camshaft drive hub and the likelihood that the stock part will break. Because they are brittle, they are sometimes cracked during removal for camshaft changes or other maintenance and not discovered until the engine is running again.

Our part is machined from 4140 Pre-Heat Treated billet, much tougher than the original cast alloy. In addition, ribbing has been added between the three arms to provide additional strength. Lightening holes and reliefs front and back reduce the weight of the whole hub to little more than the old cast part.

This part is the one we rely on for our 1,000 HP supercharged 928 race car engine. It will add engine safety to yours as well.

The Porsche replacement part is listed at $195.84 a pair, but you can have our much stronger part for $194.80 a pair.

Sold by the pair only.

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