Porsche® 928 Cam Timing Tool

Application: 1985-1995 32v engines

This new tool allows you to advance/retard your camshaft timing, or simply dial it in to spec, accurately and quickly from the front of the camshafts without having to take the cam covers off!

If you have ever replaced the timing belt on your 928, then you probably have learned what a challenge it can be to get both cams adjusted to the same timing spec. Further, lack of careful cam matching will add vibration to an otherwise glass-smooth 928 engine, and cause loss of power.

Tuners also use this tool to move their power band where they want it: advance the cam timing for more torque at low rpm (automatics), or retard for more horsepower at high rpm.

Ideal for custom/aftermarket camshafts (like the ones we sell) as it times the cams off of the keyway at the front of the cam, and not the cam lobe (which has been modified).

This is a quality tool that belongs in the toolbox of any serious Porsche® 928 lover. Easy-to-follow instructions included.

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