Camshaft Profile Tool for 32v Porsche® 928 Engines

Instructions Available

Application: All Porsche® 928 1985-95 32-valve Engines

THE PROBLEM: It is so easy to get the intake-to-exhaust cam phasing wrong when servicing your 928. Just a half-link off will either drop some 40 HP or more from your engine, or worse, allow a conflict between the piston and the valve creating a very expensive repair.

THE SOLUTION: Our cam profile tool drops in place over the two cams at the same time, and you can tell instantly that you have them set right or not. Much better than counting chain links! PLUS: we include explicit instructions including pictures of each head in correct timing, and also set advanced and retarded for your use. Use the link at the right to download the instructions and review them now.

AFTER-MARKET AND MODIFIED CAMS: Require some confirmation of their indexing to the sprocket when installed. Unlike most cams that have an indexing pin in the front of each cam, the 928 cams have no such indexing/locating pin. Because of this, the location of the lobes relative to the sprocket teeth may have been changed when they were manufactured or re-ground. This tool is the best way to be certain that you have the intake-to-exhaust phasing correct - and that you are getting all the HP out of the cams that you paid for!

WHEN DO YOU NEED THIS TOOL: Anytime you remove the heads on a 32v 928 engine you will have to re-time the camshafts as you assemble the engine. Also used when you check or install new camshafts, or service the cam chains or chain tensioners.

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