Performance Camshafts For the Porsche® 928

this part is Pikes Peak tested this part is Bonneville Tested

Our camshafts have been developed to perform optimally with the unique head characteristics of the Porsche® 928. Master profiles have already been manufactured, and you can expect to receive your camshafts from us within 4 weeks of your order. You can provide us your camshafts to use as a core, or we can provide cores for $125 each.

To make our camshafts, we start with an original Porsche® camshaft for your car, so you know that the fit, finish, and materials are the best they can be and exactly right for your 928. The cam lobes are hard-welded up to a Rockwell 60 spec and then re-ground to the lift and duration we specify using computer-controlled welding and grinding processes to achieve the highest quality result. The temperature of the cool-down after welding is strictly controlled to eliminate glazing and heat-checking. Then the camshaft is magna-fluxed to check for cracks and fully inspected. Finally, the camshafts are electrostatically coated with a Molybdenum spray for oil retention during the break-in process.

The result is a superior-quality camshaft with a 1-year cam lobe wear warranty, (most cam manufacturers only offer a 6 month warranty). An examination of the photographs below will speak volumes as to the quality of these fine camshafts for your 928.

This is a SPECIAL ORDER item. See our policy page for more details.

16v Porsche® 928 Cams:

Name Intake lift/duration Exhaust lift/duration Comments
OEM (baseline) .432" / 220 deg .394" / 210 deg 78/79 Euro
928MS 16vS1 .471" / 232 deg .432" / 220 deg (a)
928MS 16vR2 .506" / 246 deg .480" / 234 deg (b)

(a)  Similar to 310 HP Euro "S" cam profile, but with a little longer duration. Top camshaft for street use .
(b)  Wild camshaft for racing, comes on at 4,000 rpm and up.

32v Porsche® 928 Cams:

Name Intake lift/duration Exhaust lift/duration Comments
OEM (baseline) .354" / 200 deg .313" / 190 deg 88/89 S4
928MS 32vS1 .393" / 214 deg .353" / 200 deg 90/91 GT
928MS 32vS2 .428" / 214 deg .389" / 206 deg (c)
928MS 32vR3 .432" / 220 deg .398" / 216 deg (d)
928MS 32vR4 .412" / 217 deg .398" / 216 deg (e)


(c) Sport/light race camshaft, excellent qualities all-around.
(d) Best race cam for NA motors, more bottom and mid-range than cam R4.
(e) Best race cam for Boosted motors, pulls hard from 3800 to 6800 rpm


928 Motorsports warrants these hard-welded camshafts against excessive cam lobe wear for a period of 1 year from date of purchase. This warranty covers cam lobe wear only and does not cover breakage, lifters or any other engine parts. This warranty does not cover abnormal wear due to insufficient lubrication, excessive engine heat, valve spring coil bind and cylinder head or guide interference. In no event shall 928 Motorsports be liable for labor or service charges or damage to other engine parts from the use or misuse of these camshafts. The "Camshaft Installation Requirements" (below) must be followed for warranty to remain in force. Should your cam lobes wear excessively during the warranty period, return them to 928 Motorsports with proof of purchase. 928 Motorsports will inspect your cam and repair or replace (at our discretion), under the terms of the warranty, at a cost not to exceed 50% of list price plus freight.


Because our performance camshafts have higher valve lift than stock, clearances have to be checked.
Adherence to these procedures is required to ensure good cam life, and maintain the warranty on your camshafts:

  1. Check piston-to-valve clearance. Provide the necessary clearance by removing material from the piston as needed. Minimum clearance intake .050" exhaust .080"
  2. Check valve to valve clearance. It may be necessary to remove material from the valves or sink valve seat height into head.
  3. Check the valve spring retainer to valve guide clearance at maximum lift. Remove material from top of valve guide to provide a minimum of .030" clearance.
  4. Check for valve spring coil bind at maximum valve lift. Clearance at every coil should be at least .015".
  5. Be certain that the cam rotates freely in head. Remove material from head where necessary.
  6. Engine and cam life depend on proper installation. New or reground followers should be used when installing high-lift profiles. Apply the provided assembly lube to cam lobe and follower surfaces.
  7. For proper break-in, after installation of a new camshaft, do not allow your engine to idle below 2000 RPM for the first 30 minutes.
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