Premium High-Speed Ceramic Bearings for Vortech® Superchargers

Application: All Vortech® V1, V2, V3 and V7 Superchargers.

The 928 Motorsports High-Speed Ceramic Bearings: We have found the right combination of ceramic ball bearings, HHS bearings races, and high-temp phenolic bearings cages to allow safe increases in rpm's compared to stock Vortech® impeller bearings. Previously, the operational limits for the stock bearings on the superchargers listed above was 53,000 rpm. Our Premium High-Speed Ceramic bearings are rated at 72,000 rpm in oil, and can run in the high 60,000's++ all day. Accept no substitute! If you think your going to spin up your Vortech a little faster for more boost - these are the bearings you need.

Available separately here or as part of a complete Vortech® rebuild kit.

++ NOTE: confirm that the other supercharger internals (input bearings and the impeller) can also be safely operated at your planned impeller speed.

Also available as part of a kit:

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