Protection Plates For The Porsche® 928

Installation Instructions Availablethis part is Pikes Peak tested

The Problem: The Porsche® 928 is especially susceptible to damage from bottoming out as the alternator and the air conditioning compressor will actually hit the ground before the motor, often breaking the mounting tabs off the motor. And the lower body moldings and "chin spoiler" aren't cheap either, and they take a lot of hits just entering and exiting driveways.

The Solution:Our bolt-on Protection Plates install in just minutes and will provide the permanent, maintenance free protection that your 928 needs.

Application: All Porsche® 928 S4, GT and GTS

Application: All Porsche® 928 1978-1986 Equipped with "S" Chin Spoilers

Pays for itself: The last "S" chin spoiler I bought set me back $400 - not to mention the time it took to remove and replace it. And a broken block when the alternator or AC compressor pounds the ground can be the end of the whole car.

Easy Installation: Our bolt-on Protection Plates come pre-drilled and ready to install. They bolt on where your current protection plates are now - no modifications required. Easy-to-follow instructions included.

Quality Made: We cut these plates from 6061 T-6 Aluminum Plate 3/8" thick! Strong as steel, but lighter weight and corrosion resistant. We even include the Grade 8.8 metric

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Engine and Spoiler Protection Plates for the Porsche® 928 "S" BOD-CPP-S $91.95 U.S. Only: $17.50
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