Instrument Cluster Circuit Board Replacement for the Porsche® 928

Application: Kits available for 1977-78, 1979-81, and 1982-84

The Problem: If you are the owner of one of these early classic beauties, no doubt you have encountered iffy speedometer connections, poor dash lighting, and on-and-off electrical gremlins all over the instrument cluster. This is common to the use of the early printed “circuit boards” as they delaminate and fall apart. See picture below.

The Solution: These are modern circuit board replacements that completely replace the old ones, making the connection from the vehicle wiring harness to all of the gauges and warning lights. The stock wiring connectors will clip on to your new circuit board just as before. This kit also comes with new white LED lights that consume less power, but keep a similar warm incandescent bulb look. Instructions and parts to SIGNIFICANTLY improve the illumination lighting are also included.

Complete Kit includes:

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