Adjustable CIS Control Regulator for the Porsche

(Also called a Warm-Up Regulator)

Application: Porsche® 928 78-83 with CIS K-Jetronic Fuel System

Ideal for CIS Supercharged or Turbocharged Motors

Modified to Respond to Boost: We start with an aluminum Control Pressure Regulator (aka Warm-Up Regulator) with vacuum-sensitive enrichment (rare and hard to find), and completely rebuild it.

Then we modify it so that it will respond to boost. Normally, the Regulator will change the fuel pressure at the injectors according to sensing either manifold vacuum (lean) to the absence of vacuum aka: wide-open throttle (rich). BUT: we take it a step further and modify the Control Pressure Regulator to respond to positive pressure, and enrichen the flow to the injectors even more. The fuel delivery at idle is unchanged - so your 928 will still idle nice.

Individually Adjustable: We also add a set-screw in the bottom of the Regulator so you can adjust the entire range of fuel delivery up or down as your application desires.

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