Competition Chin Splitter for the Porsche® 928

Overview: A lightweight chin splitter for track cars that has inexpensive replaceable panels and a tip-up feature for loading. Wind-tunnel tested and measured for its effectiveness.

Details: Our Competition Chin Splitter will bolt on to the Porsche® 928 frame directly, so the down force generated is correctly loaded right to the frame and suspension. The bottom plate is made from a high-strength composite laminate that is both lightweight and stiff. However, it is designed to break free in the case of an impact or accident so the chin splitter does not cut your front tires or damage the oil pan, etc. during the accident. The bottom plate can be quickly replaced with another one, and the race car can go back out.

You may use our chin splitter as is, or you can build an air dam on top of it for brake ducts or radiator cooling. Several pictures below show how other 928 owners have built various air dam models for themselves.

The composite laminate material is shipped in white as shown. Can be painted in any color you like with any common paint. The composite laminate section weighs 6.4 pounds, 40% less than the same size material in aluminum.

Wind Tunnel Testing: Our wind tunnel tests of this chin splitter (below) show it generated 226 pounds of down force at 85 MPH with a small air dam above it; 330 pounds of down force at 85 MPH with a large air dam above it; and 315 pounds of down force with a large air dam with opening for radiator and intercooler.

Tip-up Feature for Loading: We've solved a problem most of us have experienced with chin splitters; that the race car is hard to load in and out of the trailer without hitting the chin splitter on the ramp. Our chin splitter simply swings up at the front to allow extra clearance for loading without damage. No tools required.

Inexpensive Replacement Panels Available: Race cars hit things. It happens. But when it happens, the composite laminate panel can be inexpensively replaced. Installs in a manner of minutes. Carry a spare with you!

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